Pastoral Endorsement

In the heart of every person who truly wants to embrace life is a burning desire that his or her life would count for something. There lies a longing that the sound of one’s life will make a difference in the world.

Early in 2009, I sat with Cathy Little and asked her about the desires that burned within her heart. This question came at a difficult time in her life when it was easier for her to think about survival than actually being in touch with her deepest desires. Although I can’t recall her exact response, it went something like this: “I want to raise up worship leaders who lead others into an intimate encounter with the presence of God from places that are authentic and full of integrity.”

Since that day I have had the wonderful privilege of working with Cathy to see that desire become reality. It has not always been an easy journey. It seems like the enemy is most intent on robbing us of our destiny. This journey has required an honest look at personal motivations, facing insecurities, acknowledging and owning past failures and allowing God total and complete access to the hidden places of the heart. To her credit, Cathy has never run from that journey, but rather, she has embraced it. As a result, I have watched an incredible transformation occur in her life.

The ministry of “Simply-Worship” is an example of what happens when a person abandons him or herself fully to God and begins to believe that He really does long to see us fulfill the desires of our hearts. For this reason I’m excited about what God is going to do through “Simply-Worship” and how He is going to use this ministry to ignite a greater passion within the Body of Christ for true, authentic and selfless worship.

Cathy has developed into an amazing musician, artist and leader and I am honored to endorse her and this ministry. I highly recommend that you take advantage of the things God has planted in her heart and has called her to share with worship leaders and worshippers alike.

Terry Cantrell, Associate Pastor, RiverStone Church



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"Helping the Bride of Christ, the Church, become healthy and whole; Creating places for life-changing, authentic encounters with the Presence of God that inspire a lifestyle response of true worship." John 4:23-24

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