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Dash Away Scotland/Ireland 2015

Dash Away #17 Recap – Seamill 2

Some of our YWAM Family

Some of our YWAM Family

After a wee rest in Peterhead we were on the road again back to the YWAM base in Seamill/West Kilbride on the west coast of Scotland.  The YWAM staff is outstanding! With a smaller than usual group on base, we saw the base leaders vacuuming and cleaning bathrooms before our group arrived. They also cooked for us and hand washed all of our dishes because they were temporarily without a dishwasher.

They are true servant leaders and a wonderful example of the heart of Jesus. We have come to love them so much. They serve us tirelessly while we are there, making each of our ladies feel as if they were family. We are so grateful for this venue for Dash Away. We look forward to a return to Seamill next trip!

Where Ireland had the most countries represented (8), this Dash Away had two ladies who won the “Travelled the Farthest” Award having flown all the way from the Isle of Lewis! We were so honored that these ladies made such an investment of time and money to travel to West Kilbride. We look forward to a visit to Lewis as we are currently working on a plan to run a Dash Away or two on our next trip.

20150531_114356We had 14 ladies participate in the weekend including one of our participants from last year who brought her daughter along for a Mother/Daughter DA! We also had one of our dear, dear friends whom we met last year at the CLAN Women Gathering, Helen, join us from Dundee with 3 of her friends.

Although we were sad to bid farewell to Beverly Richardson who joined us for the first 3 weekends and returned to the States last Monday, we were happy to welcome Anna Divers to the team. Anna has been with us on each of our previous UK trips facilitating a creative component in the weekend. We’re so thankful for what she adds.

Eight ladies received personal prayer ministry on Saturday afternoon. We are thankful to have had the help of Gail Montgomery, who is on staff at the base and also our event coordinator, and two of her prayer team mates help us out with that. Once again, God did not require a lot of time to do what He wanted to do.  For those of you who are familiar with prayer ministry and are used to it taking hours… you would be astounded at what God does in 45 minutes on a DA Weekend!

The Labyrinth prayer journey was once again a highlight of the weekend. One of our ladies said of her Labyrinth experience, “I am grateful to have a quiet space to reflect and reconnect in a deeper and meaningful way with God the Father. Got my true north back where it should be.”  Another, “How creative and imaginative I found Labyrinth to be! Each station could be meditated and breathed in and out for a month at a time. Thank you for creating it so that God could continue to create in me!”  And one more, “I felt like I had an encounter with who my Daddy is! The cross and Communion felt like I had a place to return to when it was all too much. I encountered the presence of Jesus and I was embraced by His love.” 

Places of encounter. This is what Dash Away is all about. This is what Simply-Worship is all about: Creating places where people can connect with their Father in transforming ways, leaving forever changed. Wouldn’t trade it for anything!

On the Road Again

On the Road Again

Next weekend we are off to Crieff in Perthshire for our final weekend of the tour. There are a few unique challenges with this weekend regarding the venue. It’s a bit small for our group, and this one is self-catered, which means that we, along with our lovely host and driver, Heather, will be shopping and cooking for 15. We also do not currently have a plan in place for the Labyrinth as there is no separate space available. This has been such a powerful addition to the weekend that it would be incredibly disappointing to not have it. We have not seen the venue yet, but from what we know of the space we have booked, we’re going to have to be super creative to pull it off, if at all.  We appreciate your prayers about this as you think of us this week. We’re looking for some fresh downloads and out of the box thinking!

We are on the final stretch! Thank you for joining us along the way!




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"Helping the Bride of Christ, the Church, become healthy and whole; Creating places for life-changing, authentic encounters with the Presence of God that inspire a lifestyle response of true worship." John 4:23-24

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