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Dash Away Scotland/Ireland 2015

Testimonies from Taste of Dash Away – Fraserburgh

rough seaSince we arrived on Wednesday, we’ve experienced winter all over again. The highest it’s gotten thus far is about 12C/53F but the average has been 5C/42F. Today, I (Melinda) and our friend and hostess, Heather, braved the 60mph wind and hail/rain to walk about 5 miles to and around the golf course by the sea to try to watch a women’s tournament. The game was cancelled (which is something they never do…) because of the high winds and hail. To say we were soggy is an understatement. Gotta be tough to live in northeast Scotland. I’m getting heartier by the minute!

We wanted to share a couple testimonies from our “Taste of Dash-Away” on Saturday. After the formal part of the gathering was over, a lovely 72 year old lady requested prayer for her back. She had struggled with sciatica and shooting pain in her lower back for a long time. Although she had had a lot of prayer, she felt led to ask us for prayer. It is always a joy and privilege to pray for people!

marie with m and cAfter praying, I asked her how she was feeling and to try do something she couldn’t previously do. She started moving around, twisting and bending and she declared, “The pain is gone! And I’m not one to tell you I feel better if I don’t!”

We rejoiced with her and then she proceeded to share a healing that happened in her heart. During the Emmanuel moment, when she was instructed to ask Jesus how He felt on the day she was born, she explained, “You know how you type “Soooooooo” in an email or text? Well, the Father answered, “I was sooooooooo happy you were born!”  This meant a great deal to her because she told us she was illegitimate and brought great shame to her family since she was born out of wedlock.

It is astounding how much God delights to heal both body and heart! This is why we do what we do and we can’t wait to see what more God has in store. We had great expectancy about this short event and these testimonies build our faith and prepare our hearts for receiving and witnessing sooooooo much more!

We look forward to a reunion on Wednesday evening with the ladies who attended our very first Dash-Aways here in Peterhead in 2013. We love them so much and are excited to catch up with our dear friends.



2 thoughts on “Testimonies from Taste of Dash Away – Fraserburgh

  1. Marilyn and I are so excited about what God has done and about what will happen at Seamill this weekend. Look for a major surprise from the Holy Spirit! It will be amazing and will set the tone for the remaining DA’s.

    Jim Caro


    Posted by Jim Caro | May 7, 2015, 12:44 pm
  2. God is so kind! How beautiful to make that dear woman feel loved and wanted.


    Posted by Amy Dickerson | May 9, 2015, 12:19 pm

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