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Dash Away Scotland/Ireland 2015

Here We Go…

klm wingWe left this beautiful land just 6 short months ago, and now, here we are again.  Back in bonnie Scotland with 6 weekends of ministry lined up. So much fruit has already come from our last journey across the pond. We wonder what God in store as a result of this trip with over 80 ladies embarking on their own Dash Away Journey.  We haven’t brought anything special in our back pockets. We are simply creating a space for encounter. This is all about connecting them with Him and the cool thing about it is that He is even more excited about their time together than they are!

We left Asheville, NC, Tuesday evening with a short stop in Atlanta and Amsterdam before arriving in Aberdeen early Wednesday afternoon. One thing we had hoped and prayed for was a smooth flight and the ability to sleep on the red eye flight.  Neither of which happened. The long flight was incredibly stressful because of turbulence. There was no sleep to be found.

cath and heather w vanWe arrived bleary eyed into Aberdeen and were greeted by our sweet hostess, Heather Bradford. We are staying at her home in Peterhead before, after and in between all of our Dash Away Weekends. She is also going to be transporting us to each event in her sweet new van, including our ferry ride to Ireland! We are so blessed by Heather and her husband, Billy, who have graciously opened their home and have already been taking great care of us. We are incredibly grateful for their generosity! They really are making a trip like this possible by housing us between events.

Melinda "earthing" to sync with the new time zone. It was 35F btw.

Melinda “earthing” to sync with the new time zone. It was 35F btw.

We are taking it easy for a few days here in Peterhead recuperating from the travel and jet lag, but are excited to meet 20-25 ladies in Fraserburgh on Saturday for a Taste of Dash Away as we kick off Dash Away Scotland/Ireland 2015!  The enemy is not happy with what God is doing through these events because he knows he is about to lost a lot of ground! We appreciate your payers keeping us covered.


Most of you know that 2 weeks ago, I (Cathy) lost my father. That first week was spent in work mode taking care of details and arrangements. The second week involved wrapping up some business for my dad, but mostly I spent it completely exhausted and pretty much unable to function.  I’ve been carrying a lot of responsibility for my dad as his Power of Attorney handling all his finances the past 4 years. It took a lot more space in my life than I realized. Now that it’s gone, there is a big void. I don’t feel relief, I just feel a bit empty and still so exhausted, which has been compounded by the jet lag.

When we were leaving the US, the tears finally came, and they came in force. I didn’t feel ready. It’s only been two weeks. I’m still exhausted and feeling completely inadequate, yet, I know this is what I am called to.

There is no doubt or question that God cath with dadhas been in the timing of everything so far. I had been preparing myself for my dad to die while I was overseas but God knew when our trip was scheduled. He has been so kind and merciful on every front. There’s no way I would doubt Him on whether or not to go on this trip or adjust the schedule in any way.

As much as God had an assignment for me to be in Ohio for my father’s funeral, He has an assignment for me here in Scotland and Ireland over the next 2 months. His grace is always sufficient. Never early, never late, always on time, and always in direct proportion to our need. That’s a promise I know I can bank on. Your prayers are appreciated, however, because, quite honestly, I need grace and strength for the tasks ahead.

Bottom line…. we both know that no matter what, Dash Away Scotland/Ireland 2015 is going to be amazing!



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"Helping the Bride of Christ, the Church, become healthy and whole; Creating places for life-changing, authentic encounters with the Presence of God that inspire a lifestyle response of true worship." John 4:23-24

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